Phoenix SDA Community Center
Phoenix SDA Community Center
Helping others through God's Grace
Helping others through God's Grace

Sabbath Time


Place: Phoenix, AZ

Start: 07:31 PM, 07/27/2018

End: 07:30 PM, 07/28/2018

The Bible Says


The Key to Power

I’d been having trouble with my 13-year-old car. A sympathetic person loaned me his car while min...


Heavenly Moisture

Everyone warned us. The Philippines is hot. It is humid. Living in the Philippines is a lot diffe...


Faithful Dogs?

My dog is faithful. He is always glad to see me. He wags his tail and follows me around when I’m ...


Golden Rule

While in the Marine Corps, I spent some time in Africa conducting missions in support of Operatio...


Just Ask

It was Saturday night. I was sitting alone in our family’s car, watching the people walking by. I...